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As the daughter of hip hop icon Rev Run, Angela Simmons was born into the spotlight. However, Angela has paved her own way as a talented actress, fashion designer, author and entrepreneur. Her tenacity and business savvy have led to immense success across multiple industries. From her breakout shoe line to reality television fame, Angela’s diverse empire continues to grow. With an estimated net worth of $7 million and counting, her future looks brighter than ever. This is the story of how Angela Simmons built up her immense wealth and cemented her status as a multi-hyphenate star.

The illustrious life of Angela Simmons has intrigued fans for years. As the daughter of hip hop legend Rev Run of Run-DMC, she was born into fame and fortune. However, Angela has carved out an impressive career in her own right. From her television endeavors to her fashion brand, she has built a personal empire. With business ventures spanning multiple industries, many wonder just how much Angela Simmons’ net worth amounts to today.

Angela’s early life was not without its challenges. Her parents Rev Run and Valerie Vaughn divorced when she was just 6 years old. However, she remained close with both parents and credits them with instilling a strong work ethic. Angela attended Fashion Industries High School in Manhattan where her interest in fashion first took hold. She originally planned to attend college but was urged by her father to explore her entrepreneurial passions.

Angela forayed into the entertainment industry with a cameo appearance in Run’s House, a reality show spotlighting Rev Run’s family. The show’s popularity exploded and ran for 6 seasons. It offered an intimate glimpse into the Simmons’ lives and propelled Angela into the spotlight. Capitalizing on her fame, Simmons launched her own show Angela’s Rundown on BET in 2016. The shoestring-budget program highlighted Angela’s talents as she interviewed her celebrity friends. While it only aired one season due to production costs, it showcased Angela’s potential as an on-screen personality.

Simmons’ breakout business endeavor was her fashion line, Pastry Footwear. Launched in 2008, the brand specialized in bold, unique women’s footwear inspired by Angela’s own style. Years of rapid growth led to distribution in major retailers like Nordstrom and Dillard’s. Pastry Footwear was a ubiquitous presence in closets of fashionistas everywhere. The brand appealed to women who wanted to make a statement and exuded confidence. This pioneering role as an African-American female founder of a nationally recognized shoe brand significantly contributed to Angela’s soaring net worth.

Angela’s foray into fashion did not stop at shoes. She leveraged her passion into several clothing lines over the years. In 2011, she debuted her Angela Simmons Collection during New York Fashion Week. Her contemporary, feminine styles earned praise from fashion critics. She also partnered with Curvation, a women’s shapewear company, to create a custom collection. Angela’s most recent fashion endeavor is Simmons Sisters, a collection co-designed with sister Vanessa Simmons. The brand launched in 2021 sells loungewear and intimates promoting body positivity. Her dedication to bringing her vision to life through fashion has been crucial to building her fortune.

Being in the public eye from an early age spurred Angela to think carefully about her brand identity. She leaned into public speaking, writing two books True You: Finding Balance, Self-Love, and Happiness in Your Everyday and Angela’s Secrets: Letting it all Hang Out. She also launched a podcast Lip Service alongside close friend Valerie Azlynn. Never one to turn down new opportunities, Simmons even appeared as a guest shark on Shark Tank in 2017. Her diversified portfolio and willingness to tackle new challenges display business savvy beyond her years.

Simmons’ personal life has also kept her in the headlines over the years. She was in a long-term relationship with Sutton Tennyson and they share a son, Sutton Joseph Tennyson Jr. While the relationship ended in tragedy with Sutton Sr.’s death in 2018, Angela maintains a close bond with their son. She often shares glimpses into her life as a single mother on social media, highlighting her commitment to being the best parent possible.

In addition to her business ventures and television appearances, Angela always remembered the importance of giving back. She partnered with organizations like the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign and the United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up initiative to mentor and inspire young women. Her philanthropic work aims to provide girls with the tools needed to be confident, well-rounded members of society. Even with the demands of fame, she makes time for charitable endeavors close to her heart.

So how much is Angela Simmons actually worth with her abundant career success? While estimates vary, most reports put Angela’s current net worth around $7 million. The bulk of her fortune can be attributed to her shoe empire Pastry Footwear. In its heyday, the brand was valued at an estimated $15 million. However, as with any fashion label, it has experienced ebbs and flows in popularity which impacts overall worth. Angela has skillfully diversified her income through other fashion ventures, television work, books, public speaking and more. Her work ethic and business acumen will surely continue to grow her wealth.

At just 34 years old, it is clear that this is only the beginning of Angela’s empire. With her name recognition, experience and relentless drive, there is no limit to what she can accomplish next. Her boundless creativity keeps fans engaged and wondering what she will come up with next. There are always new business opportunities catching Angela’s eye, like her recent founding of Simmons Beauty Rest, a new line of luxury bedding. She also serves as chief creative officer of Forever Young Records, the label her father founded.

Angela Simmons has seamlessly integrated her personal brand into all of her business endeavors. Consumers feel connected to the Angela they have grown up watching on television. This loyal fanbase has been essential to her success. She also possesses a keen eye for identifying trends and opportunities in the marketplace. From capitalizing on the early popularity of reality television to tapping into inclusive marketing for women, she knows how to build buzz. Any emerging entrepreneur can learn valuable lessons from her career trajectory thus far.

Despite her admiral business accomplishments and starring in two reality shows, Angela remains surprisingly down to earth. She does not flaunt her wealth or success unless it is to make a statement through fashion. On her Instagram account, you are more likely to see cute family moments or behind-the-scenes glimpses of her hectic work life. In interviews, she emphasizes the hard work it takes to be a successful female entrepreneur. The way she balances fame and fortune with humility and compassion makes fans continue rooting for her.

Angela Simmons’ impressive career thus far can be attributed to passion, diligence and fearlessness. Never one to be complacent, her work ethic and creative spirit drive her ever onward. She immerses herself fully in every endeavor whether designing shoes, writing books or starring in her own show. Fans feel invested in Angela’s success because she is so transparent about the personal struggles and triumphs along the way. As she expands her reach and influence, her fortune will surely grow. But ultimately, it is the resilience and determination thatdefine Angela Simmons’ story.

Here are some FAQs about Angela Simmons’ Net Worth:

What is Angela Simmons’ net worth?

  • Angela Simmons’ net worth is estimated to be around $7 million currently. The bulk of her wealth comes from her successful shoe brand, Pastry Footwear.

What businesses and projects has Angela Simmons created?

  • Angela’s business endeavors include her shoe brand Pastry Footwear, her fashion lines Angela Simmons Collection and Simmons Sisters, her books, her podcast Lip Service, and her role as chief creative officer for Forever Young Records.

How did Angela Simmons get her start?

  • Angela gained initial fame from starring in her family’s reality show Run’s House. She leveraged this platform to launch her first shoe line in 2008 which became hugely successful.

What television shows has Angela Simmons been on?

  • Notable TV shows Angela has starred or appeared on are Run’s House, Daddy’s Girls, Angela’s Rundown, Growing Up Hip Hop and Shark Tank.

Is Angela Simmons active in any philanthropic causes?

  • Yes, Angela dedicates time to giving back through organizations like the American Heart Association and the United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up campaign.


Angela Simmons’ net worth stands as a testament to her grit, passion and vision. While still evolving in her many pursuits, she has already achieved what most can only dream of. No doubt, the future holds many more business ventures and creative projects for the star. However, the traits that got Angela here – her courage, focus and heart – will keep propelling her forward. She serves as an inspiration, showing how hard work and fearlessness can create boundless opportunities. Whatever she does next, one thing is certain – Angela Simmons will approach it with gusto, talent and wisdom amassed from her stellar career thus far.

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