Causes Your Boss Hates Cordless Headset For Phone Calls

Trends of communicating in offices with clients, making phone calls with loved ones, and listening to music have changed. Now, the use of the cordless headset is a new addition. Advanced technologies make it entirely compatible with all types of desk and mobile phones. Moreover, they come with fantastic noise cancellation features which allow making sensitive calls in a peaceful environment. Bluetooth connectivity of these headphones from renowned firms like Plantronics offers a wide range of more than 100 meters. Comfortable and adjustable headbands and ear cups keep the users in comfort—additionally, the long 24 hours battery life and high impedance double music listening and professional communication experience.

The use of headphones is essential in the offices for professional communication with clients. There is a huge variety among them as some come with a wired connection and others are cordless. However, some firms’ bosses do not like the culture of using a cordless headset because of some principal and simple reasons. Here is a list of causes because of which they hate using these headphones for making phone calls with clients.

Perceives Cordless Headset A Luxury:

All bosses are not the same as several of them understand the importance of meeting a task intelligently. However, some prioritize corded headsets over those with a wireless mechanism. The primary reason behind their prejudice against cordless ones is that they consider a luxury rather than a modern solution for modern problems. They count it a waste of money for paying a little addition when a need could be fulfilled in fewer expenses. However, a positive impact on the performance of employees benefits more in satisfying clients with more confidence.

Have Reservations Over Durability:

The sensitivity of wireless headphones is another factor that builds a negative perception in the minds of higher authorities. They often have reservations over the delicate nature of these headphones. On the other hand, the corded headphone is considered more durable. Wireless headphones often stop working if dropped from a height. Bluetooth mechanism stops working if sometimes happens in case of the low-quality headphones.

Meanwhile, wired headphones are given a top priority because of not have any such mechanism. However, an office employee can choose any connectivity methods as both Bluetooth and wired connection options are provided. Therefore, this is just an unfair bias against them.

Inability To Identify A Device Connected:

Bosses are programmed to get the best output possible for an increased revenue and client base. Therefore, they keep a firm eye on the employees to make them focused on the assigned tasks. It is easy to guess for them by the headsets with a wire that employees genuinely respond to the calls coming at desk phones. However, they could not identify it quickly with the headphones with a wireless mechanism. A doubt arises here that either any employee has connected that headphone with personal mobile or with the company’s desk phone. Hence, they avoid using it to keep a check and balance while sitting in their room and checking employees on CCTV cameras.

Restricting Employees To Move Freely:

Another factor that they consider will reduce the performance of employees is the free movement with the wireless headphones. Such type of communication and listening device has a wide range of approximately 100 meters. On the other hand, corded headsets do not have any such option and come with a small length cable connection. It restricts them from sitting on their seat and meeting the deadlines soon. However, this perception damages the creativity of employees. It could be a better option for gamers but not for those doing communication for several hours with clients in a day. Apart from this, some bosses still consider wireless headphones a second priority.

Bosses Consider Cordless Headsets Less Reliable:

Bosses from the call centers and other businesses involving much communication do not prefer wireless headphones. They consider it a less reliable option than a corded headphone because of not having several dependencies. Wireless headphones entirely depend upon the battery life. A communication could end if not appropriately charged at the right time. However, several of them provide more than 24 hours of talkative time. Similarly, the call could end or cause turbulence on going out of the range.

These were some primary reasons behind the prejudice of bosses against cordless headsets. However, it is easy to analyze that most of these reasons and perceptions are just a myth. Experts deny all such perceptions and consider both wired and wireless headphones a great option according to the needs and ease of employees.

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