How to dry hair with blow dryer like a pro?

We are back with another installment of our “Tips and Tricks” series. In this week’s topic, we’re going to discuss how to dry your hair with a blow dryer.

As you’ve probably heard, blow-drying your hair is a good way to achieve some awesome results. It is also less damaging than the hairdryer because everything heats up faster when we dry our hair.

However, there are several downsides to using a blow dryer on your hair — you can damage it even more by using too much heat, and the next time you blow-dry your hair in the morning, you can be left with what appears to be thousands of little nicks on your head.

Know your hair type first

The truth is, there are two different types of hair:

The coarse, straight-ish type (like mine). These people don’t need to use a blow dryer at all. They usually use something like a straightener or curling iron to finish their look in one pass.

The curly type that needs extra care to be maintained (like my daughter). She has very curly hair and we decided that the best way for her to style her hair was with a blow dryer after having it curled. But if you have fine, straight-ish hair, you might want to use a regular flat iron instead of the blow dryer.

Choose the best hairdryer

When it comes to dry hair, there are a few ways to go about it. Using your blow dryer, or any other hairdryer for that matter isn’t the only way to go about this. The best option is to choose the right one for you, even you can follow some instructions provided by a beauty in their article to buy a good hairdryer especially if you also have hair extensions.

There are two different types of hair dryers out there:

1) Hair Dryers with thermal technology

2) Hair Dryers without thermal technology

I personally think that the former is more versatile and efficient than the latter. But we can’t forget that every person is unique and what works fine for me may not work fine for you. I’ve always heard people using blow dryers with heaters on top to get more out of their blow-dries, but I never really gave them much attention until recently when I realized how expensive those heaters are if you do it yourself! So when a friend of mine asked me for some recommendations for her blow-dries so she could use it at home, I decided to write this article on how to dry your hair with a hairdryer.

How to Dry Hair with Blow Dryer

In order to get the best results from a blow-dryer that will avoid these downsides and maximize the benefits of drying your hair with a dryer, follow these steps:

Make sure that you have a proper flat surface for drying your long hair on that does not involve putting it over any furniture or other surface. For example, if you have an existing chair in front of your bedroom door or couch in front of the bathroom door (since this is where most people do their morning blow-drying), then that’s fine; but if not (like in my home), then a floor would work well at least until you find one that doesn’t collect dust (or pet dander). The best surface will depend on how much time you want to spend drying your hair; however, the most ideal option is to have square or rectangle pieces of cloth so that all sides are parallel and parallel sides are perpendicular to each other. This allows for easier drying because air can spread out evenly across all surfaces. Avoid circular shapes since they don’t allow air circulation as smoothly as rectangular ones do (it’s also easier for dust particles to accumulate around circular shapes).

Final Words

In this article, we have seen the importance of time in doing something about your hair. We have discussed how to choose the best blow dryer for your hair even when you have 4c hair type. We have also discussed how to use a blow dryer for the best possible results. The information you have acquired here should allow you to properly use a blow dryer for your hair

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