Emerging trends for Mobile App Development

The rising demand for more functional apps has resulted in widespread demand for mobile app development particularly among self-employed and independent. Anyone can create an app that could become the next smash hit, like, the indie game, Flappy Bird, which earned 50 thousand dollars every day, at the peak of its popularity, which led to a huge success for the small developer!  

There are many areas of concern in developing mobile apps that mobile app developers today must be aware of. With both old and new trending technologies and the explosion of programming languages in 2021, there are plenty of things in store for you, not just for the users but also for the developers.

Here’s everything you need to be aware of.

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will continue to evolve.

Artificial Intelligence isn’t an entirely new concept, and it will be utilized in an increasing variety of industries in the future. It is estimated by the International Data Corporation that the AI market would be worth $ 45 billion by 2022. IDC estimates that global investment in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive systems will rise to the sum of 77.6 billion by 2022!

2. Blockchain technology is increasingly being utilized

The last few years have witnessed the growth of blockchain technology. The trend is expected to continue in the coming years. Major financial institutions and investors have seen huge benefits from this innovation, specifically when it comes to their resources. Transparency Market Research estimates that the market for blockchain technology could grow to $ 20 billion in 2024. It means that mobile applications are getting more and more used in 2021 and are expected to grow over time.

3. An increasing number of on-demand apps

On-demand apps are those which are intermediaries for service suppliers and their customers. In the realm of apps, it’s growing more popular in 2021 as more and more service providers are launching apps on demand on the market. Uber along with Taxify are just two among the businesses that recently saw a surge in recognition, thanks to their on-demand apps. . Experts in the field of technical analysis are saying this market will continue to expand in 2021 and beyond.

4. Chatbots Will Have A Wide Field Of Application

Recent developments in mobile apps, showing that chatbots could be a part of a variety of communication channels in the world of mobile apps. The increased use of bots come from the requirement for real-time interaction between users and vendors. It is essential to be aware that chatbots do not fulfill the need for human-to-human interaction.

Gartner says that chatbots will account for 85% of customer interactions by 2021. A fascinating (or alarming) forecast is that the average customer starts to interact more with chatbots than friends.

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5. Mobile app for supremacy is growing

The use of mobile technology has become more common throughout the world. The statistics predict that users of wearable devices will increase to 1029 million by 2022, out of 453 million as of 2017. We must assume that mobile apps and devices are soon to be elements of your routine.

It is anticipated that app developers can create apps for mobile devices which are mostly dominated by smartwatches. 2021 is expected to bring more smartphones and mobiles into the market, and with the most advanced technology and applications including fitness bands, watches for Instagram-related apps.

6. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will be more widely used

Virtual Reality as well as Augmented Reality will continue to be available for some time. 2021 will witness a greater adoption and growth of the technologies. The trends in mobile app development indicate how AR or VR tech isn’t just to improve the gaming experience and other applications but can be utilized in various applications.

In 2021, we can anticipate seeing an app developer for mobile have more mobile-friendly experiences in AR and VR and much more, with compatible hardware available and the celebration is just starting.

Statista estimates that the global AR, as well as VR market, will grow up to 209 billion dollars by 2022 from 27 billion in the year 2018.

7. Rapid Development Of the Mobile Pages (AMP) will speed up

The accelerated mobile page (AMP) is an open-source initiative launched by Google and Twitter to improve the performance of websites when viewed on smartphones and tablets. The technology used to speed up mobile sites will allow it to be simpler and quicker to enable lighter pages to load quicker on tablets and smartphones. It is likely that developers of mobile apps by 2021 are more involved with this technology to improve the loading time of your mobile devices.

8. Mobile Payments will be made

The need for portfolios, mobile apps , and programs have grown significantly since and is expected to continue through 2021. Methods for creating an app that is mobile or portfolio, the most popular mobile phone users as well as a wide range of applications for integrating payment options are drastically altering the way that customers shop.

With the latest developments in mobile apps and the growth of mobile payment and internet-based services like Google Pay, Apple Pay You can make payments using additional payment applications like PayPal, Bhim UPI, PhonePe, Paytm, Amazon Pay and Mobikwik.

Presently, every successful and well-known mobile application is expected to have at least three to four kinds of payment options, such as Google Pay, Bhim UPI, Amazon Pay, Paytm, PayPal, credit and gift cards, debit cards, and various other mobile wallets. In addition, the growth of mobile payments is anticipated to take place in 2021.

9. IoT Opens Up New Opportunities

The IoT also known as the Internet of Things, is already established and, over the coming five years more than 5 billion people will make use of IoT-related technology in just one

The other or one. The Internet can be found in modern mobile technology, smart thermostats and smart light bulbs. dimmable lighting, etc.

In the next year, the requirements of the articles relating to developing mobile applications are expected to see this technology being implemented in mobile app development, and provide an enhanced user experience across different devices.

10. Cloud platforms will continue to expand.

No surprises! From a typical user to a professional in the field They’ve all heard about the advantages of cloud technology, and the ways it could change our lives. The cloud today isn’t just fast and easy to implement, but also affordable and affordable, and it’s also an ideal place to work in both big corporations as well as small-scale businesses. In 2021, we will see more cloud-based services, and new technology is expected to become increasingly built on cloud-based technology.

Dropbox account, OneDrive as well as Google Drive are only the beginning of an iceberg. In 2021, you will see innovative, cutting-edge applications that are directly hosted in the cloud and take up tiny amounts of space in the storage of your mobile phone. Data teaching will be a key feature.

With an app for your phone. It can also keep on producing with your tablet or computer. It is becoming more widespread.

11. Mobile apps for business are gaining new life

It’s not a secret that more developers are pointing toward the creation of enterprise-level mobile apps. One of the primary reasons for this is that they allow users to interact with your entire team and track your most important data as well as key performance indicators. These are virtually required for big and small companies, at present, to an extent.

43 percent of developers for enterprise apps have a salary of more than $ 10,000 per month, which is contrasted with 19% of those working on the development of applications that are designed for customers. App stores for enterprise are anticipated to be the next major thing, and increasing B2B interactions. The new engineers will have plenty of possibilities.

12. The e-Commerce market will pose an important issue

The e-commerce giants Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, eBay are examples of extremely successful m-Commerce applications, the growth of the use of m-Commerce apps will likely increase in the near future. With a wide range of smartphones that utilize technologies like NFC and fingerprint recognition and so on. and more. Utilizing a mobile device, or the transaction specifically you’ll find that you’re willing to accept that app developers are able to make use of m-Commerce software that can offer additional features for the customer.

Key Takeaways

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