Getting into the B2B Pharma Industry

Physicians and C-suite executives are always very busy, so reaching them can be challenging for medical device manufacturers. A survey of American Physicians shows that healthcare professionals, especially doctors, are so busy that they don’t have time to see additional patients. With 80 percent of doctors confirming that they are either at capacity or overextended, it is evident that they won’t have time to engage healthcare sales representatives.

Therefore, healthcare marketers must devise sales and marketing tactics to produce results. With the aid of a Manitoba physician directory, salespeople can see the schedule of these physicians and C-suite executives, ensuring they time their sales campaign accurately. There are several other sales tactics medical device companies can adopt to approach medical professionals and win them over. Here are some helpful tips for getting into the B2B pharma industry and making profitable sales.

  • Don’t Communicate With a Job Title; communicate With a Person
  • Create Buyer Personas
  • Use Personalized Email
  • Get Social With Prospects and Customers

Don’t Communicate With a Job Title; Communicate With a Person

B2B marketing is now more personal than the days of cold marketing materials. Personalizing B2B marketing has produced the most successful results today for medical device companies. In a book called The Human Brand, Authors Chris Malone and Susan Fiske pointed out this trend. They state that brands are judged by their warmth and competence.

Brands perceived to have these attributes will more likely develop strong and enduring relationships with their clients. Like everyone else, physicians and healthcare executives want to feel included instead of just having remote relationships defined by the traditional client and customer roles.

As a salesperson, getting personal requires that you have access to specific information about your potential customers. Many marketers use a reliable Manitoba physician directory to get helpful information about their target customers. With this, they can plan their sales tactics and build personal relationships with their clients.

Create Buyer Personas

Medical device manufacturers understand personalizing marketing campaigns is critical. However, many don’t know how to create more personalized marketing. Creating buyer personas is a powerful and efficient way to personalize marketing campaigns. When creating buyer personas, marketers must ensure they are one for every profession.

For instance, medical device companies should ensure they have personas for surgeons, hospital chief information officers, and private practice physicians at the minimum. With the help of an accurate Manitoba doctor directory can help salespeople create effective buyer personas.

Use Personalized Email

It is normal to consider that physicians and medical executives get too many emails, which can be discouraging. But it would be helpful if you remembered that email remains a mainstay of digital marketing. Statistics show that emails consistently provide the best marketing results compared to other marketing mediums. In fact, about 89 percent of marketers claim that their primary channel for lead generation is email.

A survey by HealthLink Dimensions even shows that email is an excellent way to reach busy doctors. More than 68 percent of respondents choose email as their preferred contact medium, while only 11 percent prefer information through in-person visits or direct mail. However, impersonal sales email copies will not produce the desired results. In fact, it could harm the company’s reputation, destroying any chances of landing potential leads.

Effective emails should be personalized and include segmented lists. Studies by HubSpot show that marketers who segment their lists record 28 percent lower unsubscribe rates, 34 percent greater email relevance, and 38 percent increased open rates. Accurate personal information about your target customer will help you better personalize your emails. Thankfully, you can get helpful data from a reputable Manitoba physician directory.

Get Social With Prospects and Customers

Social media may not look like the ideal place to contact medical professionals. That would have been correct some years ago, but things have changed. Manhattan Research conducted a Digital MedTech Physician study in 2011 to discover how medical professionals learn about medical devices through digital channels.

They found out that medical professionals using MedTech products are digitally savvy. These professionals seek different ways to connect and interact with device manufacturers online. The studies showed that about 50 percent of physicians were interested in online promotional programs provided by medical device companies. They were interested in these online promotional programs that didn’t show signs of sales reps in person.

Therefore, connecting with physicians and other healthcare professionals on social media is an excellent idea. However, salespeople must ensure that their profile is accurately personalized. Studies on using social media to connect with medical executives revealed that healthcare professionals are more likely to connect with people than brands. Having prior knowledge about the medical executive you want to connect with will help you optimize your social media profile correctly. You can access this information with a Manitoba physician directory.

Are you getting into the B2B pharma industry and need to plan your sales strategy? Do you need access to the Manitoba physicians and surgeons directory for helpful information for your marketing campaigns? MD Select has all you need, as you can access our online database to get accurate insight into your potential clients and the market in general. With our online directory, you can identify new leads and engage your audiences in meaningful ways.

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