How can technology improve the hiring process?

Technology has made our lives so much easier. Thanks to the Internet, we can now get all the information and almost everything we need online with just a few clicks of buttons. 

In the world of business, technology has (and will continue to) revolutionalized the hiring process across all sectors in a significant way. Gone are the days when one had to pay for job vacancy ads to be printed in the newspaper. Hiring managers can now easily search for suitable candidates with the specific skill sets and experience they are looking for. 

Let us show you how technology can enhance your recruitment process.

5 Ways Technology Can Improve Hiring Process

  • It’s the fastest and easiest way to find the right candidate for the job.

Let’s say you are in urgent need of a business analyst because yours just quit. You can visit one of the many online job portals available on the internet, such as, and start sourcing for the right candidate. These websites will also allow you to narrow down your search by filtering the candidates based on their skills, qualifications, salary expectations, years of experience, etc. 

You can shortlist your top picks and choose the best among them. It is less time-consuming and effective in finding the right person for the job in the market. 

  • You can post job vacancies on social media platforms.

Apart from online job portals, many job seekers use job-oriented social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook to seek employment opportunities. These platforms have groups, pages, and communities dedicated to job hunts wherein both recruiters and employees easily communicate through posts. You won’t have to spend any money on postings if you take this route—moreover, the more the member, the faster the replies and queries.

Social media platforms are the ideal place to find Millennials and Gen Z, who are more likely to be more tech-savvy in this technologically advanced world.

  • You can conduct online tests.

To find suitable candidates without wasting time, resources and energy, you can conduct pre-hire employee tests to check the skills and competency level of the candidates. You can check their skills such as language, coding, digital marketing, etc. This way, you won’t have to go through the tedious process of interviewing all the candidates but instead shortlist the best among them. 

  • You can save time and energy by utilizing interview scheduling software.

Scheduling interviews, which includes contacting candidates from the list provided to fix the time and venue, and explaining all processes and rounds of the interview, can be a hectic job for recruiters, especially those in large companies. And to add cancellations in the mix and to have to reschedule can be demanding. However, thanks to technology, there are interview scheduling tools that you can utilize. 

You could also opt for applicant tracking software that has office calendars, interview scheduling and feedback gathering tools. This will help you in being more productive by saving your time and energy. 

  • You can easily communicate remotely.

If there is one thing to be grateful for in 2020, it’s technology. When the pandemic started, nearly all activities had to stop because lives depended on it. Schools and offices were closed for a long time, and had it been longer, there would have been significant repercussions. 

But, thankfully, technology came to the rescue. Through video conferencing software such as Zoom and Google Meet, people were able to work from home, and children could continue their education without wasting any year. 

Using these video-communication tools, you can conduct interviews and even carry out onboardings smoothly. 

Credit goes to these video conferencing tools for the adoption of work-from-home or work-from-anywhere, which has paved the way for many employees to work remotely even to this day. 

As you can see from the points we have shared above, the hiring process has become pretty much effortless compared to the past many years, thanks to the rapid advancement in technology. From online job portals to the power of social media platforms to video conferencing tools, among many others, recruiters and hiring managers can work without much stress now.  

These days, many companies leave their hiring process to contract staffing agencies that help them find relevant candidates at a low cost.

It goes without saying that the wonders of technology will never cease to amaze us. As for now, we are pretty much content with the tools and services that are currently available in the market. 

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