Learning French with French short stories

French is not the easiest language to learn, but there are a few effective strategies that one can employ in order to structure the method used to learn this language. Many great philosophers like Hegel and Kant have written their works about the art of mastering a language. The conclusion is this, study hard and persevere. 

Once one has mastered the initial levels which is the lot of vocabulary lists , one can start improving one’s French by reading French Short stories. It may feel strange to read children’s stories as an adult, but dont be deceived. They are simply the perfect tools for mastering a new language because of their simple, short sentences, short size, ability to hold interest, etc.

While learning French with stories for beginners, the following tactics can help one a lot:

Start with small French short stories

The first and the most important tip when one is learning French through short stories for beginners is to choose the story wisely. The short story should not be too simple or too easy – as that would not teach one anything and thus just waste time. 

It should not also be too difficult – as that would slow down and frustrate one too much to carry through. It should be only slightly difficult – preferably; one wants a short story where about 97 percent of the unique words used in the short story are already familiar to one.

Read the story loudly and slowly

After first reading the story to oneself and thoroughly understanding it, it is best to read a short story out loud, preferably to some coach. This will help improve the pronunciation of words as the coach can correct one where one makes an error, or one can simply do a search online for pronunciation where there is a doubt. 

One can also act out so as to practice the tones; One can also listen to the short stories being read aloud to improve listening skills and confirm pronunciation skills.

Keep a French dictionary nearby

Keep a dictionary and notebook next to you, PERIOD!!!! When reading a short story for beginners to learn French, a dictionary will be useful to check the meanings of various words one doesn’t know. A notebook is needed for writing words which you wanna revisit later.

Do writing exercises after reading

This is an often ignored tip which could propel you to the top. Do writing exercises daily. This may include writing meanings of various words one has to learn during the story reading. Ensure to utilize these words in daily conversations in meaningful sentences. One can write the summary sentences and then one’s own thoughts about the story. 

Discuss the French short story

This is a very important tip for learning through simple French short stories for kids. While learning French, discuss the stories with other learners or anyone who knows French. This should improve conversational skills and particularly listening skills.


In conclusion, French short stories for kids can serve as excellent learning tools if someone is trying to master French the natural way.

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