10 Best San Judas Tadeo Tattoo Ideas

Are you thinking of getting a San Judas Tadeo tattoo? Then you should have a look at the designs that we have shared.

We have seen tattoo culture for a while, but not as much as today. Some people tattoo their whole bodies and are called tattoo fiends. Some people tattoo their bodies to look cool while others are just tattooing something close to their hearts. It might be something related to a specific memory, it could be a lover or a child. Whatever the inspiration behind the tattoo may be, it is permanently engraved on your body.

Some people regret tattoos while most people don’t at all. Other than lovers, children, and celebrities some people tattoo other things that are spiritual and have very spiritual meaning. People tattoo religious figures like Jesus and Saint Judas. Which is understandable. When you have so much love, respect, and belief in a religious figure that you want to make them a part of you, there are no limits.

In this blog, we are going to share the best designs and ideas for San Judas Tadeo tattoos. We have collected these designs from all over the internet. They are unique and are different from regular tattoos. So keep scrolling because You will surely find the one for yourself!

Who is San Judas Tadeo?

San Judas Tadeo, Jude the Apostle, and Judas Thaddaeus, all are the same name used for San Judas. He is a religious figure from the time of Jesus. He is also the 12th apostle. Some people even say that he was the brother of Jesus.

San Judas is famous among Catholics, Greeks, Armenians, and almost everyone who believes in Jesus. If you don’t know what he looks like, you might have already seen him holding a picture of Jesus and a Stick. He has a huge following and people from all parts of the world believe and praise him. People are tattooing San Judas to show love for him.

What is the meaning of San Judas Tattoo?

San Judas Tadeo’s tattoo has different meanings. The first thing that a tattoo of San Judas symbolizes is loyalty. It is because he was loyal to Jesus. From the start till the crucifixion of Jesus. He was one of the closest people to Jesus and stayed with him in every situation.

Other than loyalty, the San Judas tattoo can mean kindness, love, and evangelism. It also symbolizes martyrdom due to the sacrifices of San Judas that he gave for Jesus and to spread the word of Jesus.

Where Not to Tattoo San Judas Tadeo Tattoo?

As San Judas Tadeo is a religious figure, so it would not be a great idea to get his tattoo below your upper body. Because it can hurt the feelings of the people who genuinely like him and follow him. It is better to have a San Judas tattoo on the upper part of your body. You can get it on your hand or chest wherever you prefer.

10 Best San Judas Tadeo Tattoo Designs

Now, we will share the best designs for the San Judas tattoo. We have gathered different tattoo designs that you can tattoo anywhere you want. These designs are unique and new.

1. San Judas Hand Tattoo

San Judas Hand Tattoo

The first tattoo design is the hand tattoo. It is a picture of San Judas with a hand on it. You can tattoo it on your hand or anywhere you want. This specific tattoo is unique because most of the San Judas tattoos are big and are portrait tattoos. Thus one is new and stands out.

2. San Judas Cool Tattoo

San Judas Cool Tattoo

This next tattoo is a San Judas portrait tattoo. But it is not like any other portrait tattoo. It is unique and has a cool design. With a figure on the cross at the bottom that symbolizes Jesus Christ, it looks amazing and has meaning because San Judas and the cross have a direct relation.

3. San Judas Rose Tattoo

San Judas Rose Tattoo

The next tattoo is a rose. This particular tattoo is very famous and looks great. It is a full-arm tattoo with a San Judas portrait picture and a beautiful rose around the hand. If you want a full arm tattoo then you can go for this but if you want a smaller tattoo you can try other options.

4. San Judas Chest Tattoo

San Judas Chest Tattoo

This is one of the coolest San Judas tattoos on the list. It is a chest tattoo but you can get it anywhere you want. It is also a San Judas portrait picture and he is holding a picture of Jesus in the picture. He is also holding a stick in his other hand. The dollar bills make it look cool. You can try it out.

5. San Judas Wrist Tattoo

San Judas Wrist Tattoo

If you are someone who doesn’t like a lot of tattoos or big tattoos that are very prominent but you still want to get one, then you can go for this small wrist tattoo. Again, you can get it anywhere you want. It had a unique design. It doesn’t have a lot of details, it is a minimal design but you can see San Judas holding a stick and a picture of Jesus. You can try it out.

6. San Judas Arm Tattoo

San Judas Arm Tattoo

This arm tattoo is one of the coolest-looking tattoos. It has more detail than any tattoo on the list. The stick and picture of Jesus in the hand and the background all look very amazing and have great detailing.

7. Simple San Judas Tadeo Name Tattoo

Simple San Judas Tadeo Name Tattoo

This tattoo is simply just the name of Dan Judas Tadeo written on your arm. It is like a signature of the name. It is pretty cool and looks amazing. It doesn’t require a lot of work as the other tattoos do.

8. San Judas Back Tattoo

San Judas Back Tattoo

If you are thinking of getting a tattoo on your back then this should be your choice. This is a very cool portrait picture of San Judas.

9. San Judas Cross Tattoo

San Judas Cross Tattoo

This tattoo is also a back tattoo but you can get ut anywhere. It is a San Judas tattoo with a cross tattoo. Looks cool and has an amazing design.

10. Small San Judas Tattoo

Small San Judas Tattoo

This tattoo is the most minimal tattoo on the list. It is because there is no facing detail which makes it easier to create and it also looks good. You should try it if you don’t like big or prominent tattoos.


Tattoos are not just art, they have meaning and sentimental value. Many people tattoo Sam Judas Tadeo on their bodies to show love for him and to show loyalty, kindness, and goodness. We have shared the top 10 San Judas Tattoos that you should see.

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