4 Reasons why should you go for JBL Pulse speaker

Wishing to invest in a speaker implies that you already have a device but are keen on enhancing the audio to suit a get-together or a party. To this effect, the JBL pulse speaker emerges as a viable option because in addition to accentuating the audio, it also provides an attractive light display. 

When you purchase a product, the underlying objective is that it should complement your existing lifestyle, and most importantly perform to the best of its ability. Given its reputation and reliability, it is obvious that JBL has been successful in fulfilling these criteria. If you need further convincing, discussed as follows are some truly strong reasons for buying a JBL pulse speaker 

High-quality device

Think in terms of a lava lamp or a plastic lantern with neon light patterns swirling around, and you will have envisioned an exact image of the JBL model. With the drivers at the bottom, the dual radiators on both sides and ports at the back, the device is ergonomic as also aesthetically pleasing. The high-quality construction is particularly evident through the waterproofing, wherein the chamber is watertight to the point of surviving the deepest dive into any water body.  

Bluetooth connectivity

You can connect the device via Bluetooth to any other gadget, and enjoy a range of about 30 feet in case of audio files. Sometimes, video files might face a time lag, but this is more case-specific rather than generic. Once you connect the device to your smartphone, the buttons provided at the back enable you to control music, receive and place calls, and tweak the volume to suit the situation. Do bear in mind that while the JBL Pulse allows you to skip the current track and move on to the next, it does not facilitate going back to the previous track. 

Another way to connect entails using the app, which allows you to adjust the brightness of the light spectrum and pause/play the audio. 

Long battery life

On checking the JBL charge 4 price, it is natural to wonder about the battery life of the speaker. Surprisingly both the latest models of the JBL Pulse speaker, namely 3 and 4, come with a long battery life, wherein they last for about 12 hours on a single charge. Factors like brightness and volume impact the battery life, wherein higher levels of both tend to drain the battery, and lower levels preserve it. 

Amazing audio output

Except for very low notes, the audio output of JBL speakers is exceptionally good, thus justifying the high rank that this brand enjoys in the segment. Use them in an open space for the high notes to create an impact and the thumping of the beats to land heavily on the listeners. 

As far as calls are concerned, a one-to-one conversation is likely to proceed smoothly, although there might be lack of clarity in a conference call.  


Courtesy of being round and cylindrical, the JBL speaker gives the impression of a stout teapot, only it happens to be taller by a few inches. Something that would immediately grab your attention is the LED panel which is enclosed within the casing, and the lower panel which has all the buttons. Overall, the design ensures visibility and manages to spark sufficient curiosity through its spectrum of colors. 

Final thoughts

A combination of durability and functionality, the best JBL soundbar speaker could prove to be your ideal companion when you decide to spend the day at the beach or party by the pool. Not only is it likely to survive being exposed to water, but also provides sufficiently loud entertainment for at least 10 hours at a stretch. 

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