Why Most Users Change Their Voice Identity Online

If you want to know why and how people change their voices on online platforms. Then read this article providing different apps to do so.

Your voice says more about who you are than you think. People can tell right away from your voice how you’re feeling. For example, it’s easy to tell if you’re happy or sad. But machines can learn a lot more, like your health, your socioeconomic status, your race, your gender, and even your age. Researchers have even been able to make pictures of people’s faces based on what they know about their voices.

Companies are making money off of the fact that machines are getting better at understanding what you say. Voice recognition systems like Siri, Alexa, and those that use your voice as a password have become more common in recent years. This is because AI and machine learning have made it possible to understand not only what you say but also who you are. Today, we’ll show you voice changer apps you can use to change your online voice identity.

Different Applications that you can use to change your voice online

The main reason why streamers and gamers use such applications is to play pre-recorded audio or add voice effects. People also like to use voice changers for a few other reasons. Some people like to use a voice changer because they want to hide their identity online. Here are some of the applications that you can use to change your voice.

1. Voicemod

Voicemod is a great way to change your voice. Programs like TeamSpeak, Skype, Discord, etc. can have real-time voice effects added to them. Voicemod is a sophisticated and easy-to-use interface that can make your voice sound like a robot, woman, man, or anything else you can think of. 

You can make any changes you want to the voice. With the help of auto-tune, you can use the voice of a celebrity or even a singer you like. You can choose from a large library of sound effects to make your gaming and chatting experience the best it can be.

2. Adobe Audition

With its voice effects, the Adobe Audition app recognizes your voice and changes it. With this software, you can totally change the sound of your voice or even make it sound like someone else’s. You can use it for different things, like podcasts, games, and voice-overs. 

With an animated voice, you can make the atmosphere lighter, and a deeper voice effect can give your podcast more depth. On the Effects tab, you can see all of the effects you can use and stack. You can add up to 16 finely tuned voices to a single audio file to make it perfect.

3. Morph Vox

Morph Vox is a well-known piece of software that has a lot of cool features. It changes voices in real-time, which makes it good for online chats and games. There are two ways to use MorphVox. Skinned mode lets you quickly choose the voice you want from the ones that are already there. maybe add a few effects and you are good to go. Then there’s Studio Mode, which lets you go a bit deeper. 

Here, you can change the tone and pitch of your voice. MorphVox is easy to use with games and online chat, and it has a background noise filter that is especially helpful if you are using the microphone that came with your computer. Another cool feature is that you can easily make a real-life scene from your computer by adding noises to the background. MorphVox also lets you change the WAV files that you have recorded. Only Windows users can use this software.

4. Murf

Be ready to completely change the home recording of your voiceover into a studio recording. You don’t have to worry about background noises or interruptions because this app can help you edit out everything you don’t want. Even without recording equipment, you can make yourself sound like a pro. 

Professional AI technology is used by Murf to make high-quality voiceovers. Even if you don’t have expensive recording gear, there are a few steps you can take to make high-quality voiceovers and presentations. The best thing about Murf is that the voice recording can be transcribed and changed. So, even if you mispronounced something or used the wrong sentence while recording, you don’t need to worry.

5. Voice Changer

Voice Changer is an online tool that can be used to add effects to your voice and change it. You can change everything about how your voice sounds. There are a lot of different ways you can change your voice. 

You can either use a microphone or just your web browser to record your voice. If you already have audio that you want to use, all you have to do is find the file on your hard drive and upload it to the online tool. The next step is to choose the voice effect you want to use on the uploaded audio.


We hope that you have found the software that fits your needs from the above-mentioned applications. If you want more options, then let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comments section below.

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