6 Important things you should know before getting Tattooed

What should I do before getting a tattoo?

If you have finally decided on getting a tattoo, you should first select the right tattoo studio that would create an original design or concept instead of copying it directly from the Google images. Make sure to talk to the artist about his style of work because a black and grey tattoo artist might not be able to make a complete color portrait tattoo for you. Also make sure to take a good shower and be absolutely clean before heading to tattoo studio, since you don’t want the tattoo artist to get affected by your smell while making the tattoo on you.

Don’t scrimp on design/cost.

Most of the time, people get what they pay for. However, a true tattoo artist would take meticulous time with the design and the final outcome of the tattoo on the client. Cost may vary depending on the complexity of design, colors and pigments used, and even the artist’s reputation. Some artists also charge per hour instead of the size.

From where should I get the tattoo done?

While going for a tattoo studio, one should look for quality work, along with high level of hygiene and safety standards. A lot of studios or self-trained tattoo artists are not following the right methods of hygiene and safety standards of the industry. Many a times, some artists also use expired needles and inks on clients thus causing reactions or skin allergies. Instead of going for discounted tattoos, one should select the best studio to get the tattoo done by paying the right price in order to avoid any kind of infections or skin problem.

Would it be painful?

As the saying goes ‘No Pain, No Gain’. The pain in tattooing feels like a cat scratch sometimes or someone hitting you continuously with a small rubber band. It also varies per site, generally the more fat tissue you have on that area, the lesser the pain since the subcutaneous fat would function as a cushion. The bonier the area, the harder it hurts. A good trick on how to test the sensitivity of the area is to finely pinch it with your fingers.

What are the health risks in getting a tattoo?

Tattoos are a way of expressing oneself, and it involves poking the skin of the patron to embed the ink into the dermis layer of the skin. Needlestick injuries are a serious risk that can cause transmission of blood-borne diseases such as hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, or even human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

Can the tattoo be removed?

The best way to remove a tattoo is by laser, which should be done by Dermatology clinics under the supervision of experienced doctors. The laser hits the pigment embedded inside the skin which bursts into smaller particles, however, sometimes it may cause scarring and the pain is higher than that of getting a tattoo. Laser removal is also a very expensive procedure and sometimes takes multiple sittings for the removal of the tattoo.

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