A brief history of Ser name

For a long time, humans are using names to call each other. For some people, names might not be that important but for most of us, names are important. There are psychological surveys that show how important a person’s name is. It can affect a person’s life. Some reports even say that names have an impact on your job as well.

Even in older times, ser names were used as the identity of the person. It would represent the family of the person and what class he belongs to.
Although it is a cultural thing to put the family’s name at the end of the name which is the ser name, people all over the world have started to put their family or tribe name at the end of their name.

In the past times, some people even used their mother’s and father’s names as their surnames. Even today people from different cultures use their surnames for different purposes. Some might use their tribe’s name or their family name and others might put their father’s name. But in the end, we all have surnames to distinguish us from each other.

It is an interesting topic and many people don’t know or just simply don’t care about the history of surnames/ ser names. For all the knowledge seekers, in this blog, we have discussed the brief history of ser names and other things that you should know.

History of Ser Name

The history of ser names/surnames can be traced to a long time ago. In the beginning, people used their mother’s name as their surname. Some places of the world even used their surnames based on their geographical location.

People in European countries used the names of the societies as their surnames. People also used their ethnic origins for their surnames.

People in the past and even today use their tribe names as their surnames in India and other parts of the world. Surnames were used to identify people’s backgrounds.

If we talk about today, we see people with different surnames. But most of us use our father’s name as a surname.

Does Ser Name have an effect on our lives?

Yes, surnames have a very major effect on our lives. There is no racism behind it. It is just a psychological thing that makes people treat people with unique surnames differently.

It is said that when a person has a very common name people are comfortable remembering them. But when they meet a person with a different or unique surname they have trouble remembering it or often forget it.

Did you know that surnames could affect your job? Yes, psychologically when people read job applications they have a subconscious behavior that results in treating people with different surnames differently.

So we can say that names play an important role in our lives and they can affect your life. Your name decides whether a person will remember you that clearly or not.

How do people benefit from a Ser Name?

You might think how can a surname benefit a person? Well, it had benefitted a lot of people to feel equal. It has psychologically helped people to empower themselves and to be proud of their own identity.

In ancient times, when kings were ruling the world and they used to have peasants. The peasants had no right to live for themselves. This was the only thing that made them feel equal. They could feel like royalty with their surname.

Other than that, people from different tribes would call them by their tribe names to distinguish themselves from the others. That is why surnames are one of the most important aspects of human names.

Popular English Surnames

Among thousands of surnames, there are a few that stands out. These surnames are very popular and millions of people use them. We have selected a few of them. You can have look at them. These are the most popular English surnames in the world:
• Smith
• Miller
• Brown
• James
• Johnson
• Davis
• Garcia
• Hernandez
• Walker
• Paul
• Lewis
• Robinson

Frequently Asked Questions
These are some of the frequently asked questions about Ser Names.

What is the Oldest Last Name?
O’Cleirigh is the oldest last name. It is from the year 916. It is the oldest recorded last name. Before this, people used to have their mother’s name as the last name. But after the year 916, people started to use the father’s name as the last name or surname.

What is the Oldest English Surname?
Hatt is considered the oldest English surname. It was mentioned in the Norman transcript. We don’t have a record of any other surnames before Hatt. So it is the oldest recorded English surname.

What makes Surnames Rare?
People’s surnames based on their ancestor’s professions are considered rare. Other than that people that are the descendants of the families that were wiped off in the world wars are considered rare. It is because they are the only people left with that name.

Can You Legally Have Two Names?
It depends from country to country. But most countries around the world including the United States of America don’t allow two names. You can not have two names legally.

Who Picked Last Names?
In ancient times, mothers used to give their names as last names to their children. This was pretty common. But after the year 916, people started to use their fathers’ names as last names. Today majority of the people all around the world use their father’s name as their last name.

Today people all around the world have surnames. These names are based on the professions of their ancestors, their geographical locations, and their tribes. People used their mother’s name as their last name before the year 916 but after that people started to use their father’s name.

In this blog, we have briefly discussed how surnames affect our lives. We have also discussed a brief history of surnames and how people in the old times used their surnames.

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