Female Delusion Calculator: Explained!

Do you know what a female delusion calculator is? Well, if you don’t then you are not alone. Keep reading to know about it!

If you are a regular social media user then you must have heard of this new thing called the female delusion calculator. Just by reading the name, most people think that it is some kind of sexist calculator that is against women. Some even say that it is created to mock the female gender. Women who know about his calculator are showing anger towards the creators of the calculator. But the creators seem to be calm and don’t care about what people are saying.

This calculator had started a debate on social media and people who don’t know about it feel left out. If you are also one of these people who just heard the name female delusion calculator and don’t know what it is exactly then you should continue reading.

In this blog, we have discussed in detail what this calculator is and how it actually works. 

What is a Female Delusion Calculator?

A female delusion calculator is a calculator that is created so that women can find out if they are delusional about finding a man or not. It is a system that has legit data collected from many sources. Women can go to the igotstandardbro.com website and give the required data about the man that they want to marry or date. 

With the help of the given data and the existing data that the calculator has, the website calculates whether the man that they dream of or think that they deserve is easy to get or not.

The creator of the website says that he had difficulties dating women in America. He said that women have very unrealistic standards and that the chances of them getting their ideal man are slim to none. To prove this, he made this calculator with authentic data that speaks for itself. 

This data is about America and is based on surveys conducted by the US Census Bureau. Another reason for the creation of this calculator is that it helps women understand what is realistic to want and what is not.

How Does it Work?

If you are confused about the female delusion calculator and want to know more about its working. Then you should consider reading this section. Now we are going to discuss the data that it demands and how it presents the result.

1. Select Age 

The first thing that the calculator requires is the age of your ideal man. You can select from 18 years to 85 years. You can select what age you want your ideal man to be. You can also exclude or include married men. 

2. Select a Race 

Once you have selected the age of your ideal man, the next step is to choose the race of your dream man. The website provides you with four options in the race section. You get to choose between Black, White, Asian, and Any color or shade option. Women have different preferences and you can choose your preferred race. 

3. Select a Minimum Height 

After the race, the next thing that you need to choose is the minimum height of your ideal man. You are allowed to choose between 4’6″ to 7′. If you don’t have a problem with height then you can select Any. Other than the height you also get the option to include or exclude obese men.

4. Select Minimum Income 

Now comes the best part, most women have a high level of expectation from their ideal man when it comes to their income. Many women don’t care about looks as long the man has a good income. You can select income from $5k to $500k. If income doesn’t matter to you then you are also allowed to choose Any.

5. Results and Delusion Score 

Once you have selected all the options, now you can click on “Find out” to see what are the chances of you meeting your ideal man. The female delusion calculator will put together your preferences and will give you a probability result in percentages. The probability of you finding your ideal man. 

Other than the probability score, the calculator also gives you a delusion score. If according to data, your ideal man is nearly impossible to find then the delusion score will be maximum. This is how the calculator shows results. You can try it for yourself as it is completely free and you can get as many tries as you want.


A female delusion calculator is a tool created by an American man for women. This tool helps the women to see what are the chances of them getting their dream or ideal man. It works on authentic data and parameters. We have discussed its work above in the blog.

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