IVF guide: Advantages and alternative treatment for infertilty

It is a difficult choice to undergo IVF, or in vitro fertilisation. It can be expensive and challenging. There is no success guarantee. Read our IVF guide where we have mentioned the advantages of IVF, alternative treatment available.

You must be certain that you want a child and that other forms of infertility treatment have either failed or would fail. Serious complications associated with IVF medications and procedures are uncommon. As with any medical treatment, there are risks involved.. There are several advantages of Getting IVF. We have mentioned all the advantages of getting ivf below.

IVF Guide: What are the advantages of IVF?

You may consider IVF for a variety of reasons, including if you or your partner suffer from:

Low sperm count due to conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome problems with ovulation problems with the fallopian tubes

If either of you has been sterilised due to endometriosis and you wish to prevent the transmission of inherited genetic disorders to your children, you should consider adoption.

Some individuals may choose to use sperm or eggs from a donor. If a couple is at risk of passing on a severe genetic disorder to their children, for instance, they may be advised to use donor sperm or donor eggs.

As chemotherapy and radiotherapy can diminish fertility, cancer patients may choose to have their healthy sperm or eggs frozen. Once the cancer treatment is complete, these eggs or sperm can be thawed and used for IVF.

IVF Guide: Should alternative treatments for infertility be tried first?

For some individuals, IVF is the initial treatment of choice. Others, however, opt to try fertility drugs, surgery, or artificial insemination prior to IVF.

How to locate an IVF specialist

Your physician is able to refer you to a fertility specialist, IVF clinic, or specialised hospital unit for treatment. Some public hospital departments collaborate with private clinics. 

The Fertility Society of Australia maintains a list of accredited assisted reproduction treatment centres in each Australian state.

You can google the nearest IVF Center near. For example. If you live in Mumbai, you can google the best IVF center in Mumbai

Discuss available treatment options with your physician or fertility specialist. However, the decision to utilise IVF is a highly individual one. You must consider not only the monetary costs, but also the physical and emotional stresses.

IVF Guide: Questions to ask your physician or clinic personnel

  • What treatment options am I able to choose from?
  • Would my own specialist perform the IVF procedures or the clinic staff?
  • What is the IVF success rate for individuals of my age and with my condition?
  • What procedures, medications, and treatments are covered by Medicare? What aren’t they?
  • What diagnostic procedures, therapies, and medications are covered by private health insurance? What aren’t they?
  • Medicare covers how many IVF treatment cycles per year? Does the practise or clinic handle claims processing?
  • Have you reached a gap agreement with my health insurance?

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We hope our article on IVF Guide: Advantages and alternative treatment was helpful. 

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