Hire Ruby On Rails Developers: Everything You Need To Know

How can you trust your Ruby on Rails developer? How do you choose the right one? How do you know if they are telling the truth? These are just some of the many questions that run through the minds of those who consider hiring their own Ruby on Rails developers, but don’t know where to begin or what to look for in such developers. Before you hire, consider this detailed guide on how to hire Ruby on Rails developers and what to look out for in them during the process so that you can make an informed decision when hiring your Ruby on Rails developer.

What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby is an object-oriented programming language that was created by Yukihiro Matsumoto (who goes by Matz) in 1995. It was influenced heavily by other programming languages including Perl, Smalltalk, Eiffel and Lisp. Matsumoto’s goal for creating Ruby was to create a language that simple and easy to understand so that it could be used to make everyday tasks easier. He succeeded with that goal, as his creation is now used regularly around the world in web development platforms like Ruby on Rails (which we’ll discuss shortly). The language is open source, which means anyone can use it without having to purchase a license or pay royalties.

Why do you need it?

Like we mentioned earlier, hiring developers isn’t easy. Finding a great developer takes time and can be difficult, especially if you aren’t particularly tech-savvy. And once you do find someone, ensuring they do what they say they will is a challenge as well. How can you know if someone is telling you the truth? Is there a way to get reliable information? Do all developers have experience? Are some better than others? We don’t think so. All developers are good in their own way; we’re here to help you figure out how to hire them without spending too much money or taking up too much of your valuable time.

Where to look for them?

What to look for in a technical expert – The easy way to identify qualified developers that can deliver on your goals is by looking at their past work. If they’ve built several different websites, each one should be tailored to a different need or function. More importantly, try to evaluate what their strengths are and look for freelancers who have experience as full stack developers (meaning they know how to build applications from end-to-end). If you’re looking for web designers or graphic artists, it’s important you request and review examples of their previous work so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Things you should know before you hire

How to make sure you hire a competent developer. A project manager is your point of contact for day-to-day communications with your developer. Make sure you have someone who can answer your questions, keep track of where things are at in development, and generally make things happen. This person is often called a project manager or scrum master (if they use Scrum as their methodology), or something similar like product owner, business analyst, etc. Knowing what these terms mean will help you ensure that you’re hiring someone capable of doing their job right. For example, scrum master implies that they’re familiar with agile development practices, while project manager means they have experience in both product management and software development.

How to interview a ROR developer

When working with developers, it’s important to be open and clear. When you know what features you want built into your product, discuss it with your developer in as much detail as possible. Good communication prevents miscommunication—or, even worse, having something missed from your feature set. For example, if you want a mobile app for your business but don’t mention that to your developer until after they’ve started work on it (and have already spent several hours building an iPhone-specific version), chances are you won’t be pleased when they finish and tell you about their progress. A short text or email outlining exactly what needs to be developed can help prevent scenarios like these before they happen.

What makes a great developer?

The most successful businesses are always growing, which means they must have an effective process in place for evaluating and hiring new talent. Hiring a great developer is no small feat, but there are ways to ensure you pick someone who fits into your team’s culture. When you’re interviewing, ask questions like What frustrates you about developers? and If I called one of your former managers or co-workers, what would they say?—it’ll give you a good idea of how your candidate interacts with others as well as what skills he or she brings to the table. Remember that tech talent is in high demand; if an applicant has too many red flags it might be better to pass on them. Read more such posts on fastnewsisland.

Tips on how to communicate with your developers

A conversation between two or more parties can be a very productive way to work. However, it can also be stressful and difficult to keep everyone on task. There are many ways you can manage such a conversation, whether it’s holding a team meeting or having a regular check-in with your developer, you need to make sure that everyone is clear on what they’re talking about and what they’re working toward. Being able to communicate effectively with your developer can help save time and money in all aspects of your project so make sure to keep these tips in mind when you talk with them. You can write for us or submit a guest post about your feedback. 

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