5 Security gadgets you need to Install in your workplace

It isn’t easy running a business. Although people do business mainly for profit, there are many responsibilities that fall onto the entrepreneur’s shoulders. One of which is safety. As businessmen, we are responsible for our employees’ livelihood and security. Giving them a safe place to work is a way to ensure they are able to work to the fullest with confidence.

There are many technologies that help us make our lives more comfortable and safer than ever before. Not only that, but each comes in a variety to fit your comfort. 

Here we are discussing about 5 security gadgets you need to install in your work place.

1) Surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras have been widely used since the nineteen hundreds. You can place these cameras to capture people who enter or exit a building, possible abuse, and shoplifting incidents. Security cameras will help keep your employees safe from unwanted visitors and give them a small sense of insurance. 

Potential abuse cases can be captured by having surveillance cameras installed. Employees will find security in the fact that their workplace will help them in court with evidence. There are different types of security cameras to use. Depending on your preference and price range, you can get a solar-powered surveillance camera, Bluetooth ones, dome cameras, bullet cameras, etc.

2) Card access system

This system prevents unauthorised persons from entering the workplace. To operate it, your employees would need a specific card scanned (ones that you would provide) when entering the building or a particular room. 

If the card is authentic, then the individuals can enter the building/room. This authentication ensures the safety of the workspace, as well as protection for important documents. Meaning only specific employees of yours will be allowed access to important documents.

3) Lighting system

Good lighting is not only a must-have but essential for security. Proper lighting is important to have both in and out of the office. Having visibility prevents individuals from committing crimes.

Almost everything in today’s age has a variety. There are different types of lighting systems that are much cheaper than leaving the lights on all day. Inventors have made sensory-powered lights and solar powered. These are cheaper alternatives that require a one-time investment.

4) Fire alarms

Fire safety will help create a safe and secure work environment. This device works around the clock. Once it detects any smoke, it alerts the whole building. There are different types of smoke detectors. But all of them serve the same purpose, i.e., giving individuals time to evacuate and save their lives.

There are three main types of fire alarms to choose from

  • Ionization fire alarms

This type of alarm is used to detect flaming fires. It contains two electronically charged plates with a little bit of radioactive material in between them. Due to this, a constant current of ionized air runs between the plates. Once smoke enters the current, it becomes disrupted and sets off the alarm.

  • Photoelectric Alarms

This type is better at reacting to smouldering fires. It contains a light source, a sensing chamber, and a sensor. The light source aims at a sensing chamber. But when smoke enters this chamber, the light reflects onto the sensor, which triggers the alarm.

  •   Combination

There are fire alarms can contain the qualities of both ionization and photoelectric alarms. It can easily detect both flaming and smothering fires.

5) Sensors

 Sensors are important because they are capable of alarming you when there has been a breach in the facility or building. There are a variety of different types of sensors. Such as:

  • Infra-Red (IR) Sensors

These types of sensors use light to identify motion. Disrupting this light’s flow will indicate activity that triggers an alarm to go off.

  • Microwave Sensors

These sensors are much like IR sensors but are much more sensitive to movement. They receive and emit a signal to determine motion. 

  • Microphones Sensors

Uniquely, these sensors don’t rely on motion to trigger an alarm. Instead, they detect an intruder through audio. Microphone Sensors are not limited to the sounds humans can hear but have a range of frequencies they can detect and identify.


Security is a factor in encouraging repeat customers and employees when running a business. Ensuring the safety of everyone who walks onto or around your company property increases customer trust and trust from your employees. You can do this by adding security cameras on and around the premises. Adding card access to more restricted areas completely stops those in their tracks from proceeding to areas where they shouldn’t be.

Well-lit rooms and lighting around the premise of the business ensure clear visual aid in case of a crime. For an added security measure, having a fire alarm is crucial. Sensors help detect what the eye sometimes fails to see- whether motion or audio sensors. Hope this article provided insight into why security gadgets are essential to the workplace.

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