Vault Of Glass Raid Guide

The introduction of Destiny 2 Vault Of Glass was something that the whole community was not ready about. Vault of glass was the first original raid in vanilla destiny but as time passed it became less challenging and was forgotten with time. In Destiny 2 the raid was balanced and several tweaks were done to it to adjust it to the level of the veteran players. 

But there are quite a lot of Destiny 2 players out there who have not played vanilla destiny or Destiny 1 and it’s impossible for them to know about the raid and its mechanics. So, if you are one of those players then this Vault Of Glass raid guide is for you. 

How To Raid Vault Of Glass

The vault of glass raid consists of seven encounters and with the completion of each encounter the fireteam is awarded gear, you also receive Spoils Of Conquest but that’s only from specific encounters. Here are all the encounters of VOG

  • Opening Encounter
  • Confluxes
  • Oracles
  • Templar
  • Gorgon’s Labyrinth
  • Gatekeeper
  • Atheon, The Final Boss

Opening Encounter

This is the first encounter in the raid and here you need to capture three plates for a certain amount of time to open the door of the vault. 

After landing you need to make three groups of two guardians each. One group should head to the left side and the others should go to the right side and middle respectively. You will find vex plates on each side and when you step on them they will start glowing. What you need to do here is stop the Vex Preatorians and they have void shields. So, it is recommended that you use void weapons to take them down fast. There will be Vex cyclops spawning as well, so take them out as soon as possible. 

Holding the plates for some time will form the spire and the door to the vault will open.


In this encounter, you need to defend the confluxes and stop the vex from sacrificing them at the confluxes. There will be three waves; the first wave will spawn one conflux, the second will spawn two confluxes and the third will spawn three confluxes. There will be overload champions, so have overload mods equipped. For weapon choices, Xenopage would be great as you can kill the vex Wyverns rather easily with it before they sacrifice. Completing this will take you to the next phase. 

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You need to destroy oracles in this encounter. Xenophage is a must-have weapon in this encounter as they can one-shot the oracles. There are seven oracles in total and one player will be in charge of destroying two of them and not destroying them in time will wipe the team. You can split your team into two groups and name the oracles, L1, L2, and L3 on the left side and R1, R2, and R3 on the right side. The middle one can be named Mid. Destroy them in the sequence they spawn and that will clear the encounter. 


Here you need to kill the templar boss. There will be a relic in the middle and picking that up will start the encounter. Three oracles will spawn and you need to destroy them in the correct order. After that, you need to remove the templar shield with the relic super and then do damage to the templar to kill it. 

While doing this the templar can teleport to a nearby location which will bring up his shield and the relic holder needs to break the shield again using the relic super. But if the relic holder can block the teleport simply by standing on the teleport rings with the relic then it would be an easy one-phase. Also, make sure to break players out of detainment by shooting them. 

Note: You can learn more about How To Raid in Destiny 2 here. 

Gorgon’s Labyrinth

This encounter requires you to just hide and run away from the Gorgons, If they detect you, the team wipes. So, using invisibility would be a great choice here, and also moving on top of the rocks would be the best route. The exit can be found to the left side of the area where you spawn. 


The gatekeeper requires players to stand on plates, go in and out of portals and kill Vex wyverns and pretorians and defend confluxes. A relic can be obtained by killing the Gatekeeper in the middle. Divide your team into two groups and move them to each side of the room. There will be one plate and one portal on each side and standing on the plates will open the portal. One player stands on the plates on both sides and one goes into the portal. There will be a conflux in the portal and the player inside needs to defend it. 

A vex pretorians with an immune shield will spawn in one of the portals and the person inside will ask the relic bearer to come in and break the immune shield with the relic super. Now, the relic bearer after breaking the shield needs to pass the relic to the player inside and he will come out and go into the other portal and repeat the same process.

One portal will have the Pretorian with the immune shield and the other one will have e vex wyvern. Meanwhile, the player outside on the plates needs to avoid and kill the ads and overload champions that spawn to keep the portal open. 

After repeating the process enough times, one conflux will spawn in the middle of the main room and the players need to defend it by defeating the praetorians, Wyverns, and the ads. 

Atheon, The Final Boss

To start the encounter you can destroy the cube in the middle and then Atheon will appear. There will be harpies on each side so, you can just keep killing them until Atheon teleports three players to a portal. The players inside will say which portal they are in and one player will step on the plate of that portal to open it. Oracles will spawn just above atheon in order and the one player outside the portal will tell the sequence of the oracles spawning. The players inside will shoot the oracles in the same order to start the damage phase. 

Meanwhile, players after getting teleported inside the portal will receive a debuff and that can only be removed by using the block action of the relic, which will be already there inside the teleported portal. 

The players outside need to be wary of the supplicants which will detonate when close to the players. Rinse and repeat the steps mentioned above and you will be able to kill Atheon and complete the Vault Of Glass raid. For destroying the oracles you can use a sniper rifle or Xenophage as well and for Atheon DPS, you can use Rocket Launcher, Liner fusion rifles, etc.  

So, there you have it. This is how you can complete the vault of glass and we hope this would be of help to you.

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