What you should know about Clarifique Watery Emulsion Face Essence

When you have skin that looks healthy, it means you have radiant skin. The keys to skin radiance are the smooth texture of the skin and minimizing pores, and the clarified watery emulsion face essence makes it possible, as the face essence for skin is a prep step in your skincare routine. Applying these face essence creams brightens your skin with relevant, refreshed and luminous skin.

The face essence has a water-like texture that can penetrate deeper into your skin and helps other products to get absorbed in the skin in a better way afterward. The very first step of skincare is applying face essence, which helps the rest skincare product to work better in our routine. With other properties of skincare, the face essence also hydrates your skin which is the youth activating concentrate and also improves the smoothness of the skin.

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In the case of Clarifique, the surface of the skin gets exfoliated, and you can get nourished and hydrating skin. You can get confused with skin toner and facial essence, but the fact is both are different. Skin toners provide cleansing to your skin after face as some of them also help in hydrating and maintaining the pH of the skin while on the other hand, the Clarifique facial essence is like a #lotion essence that is designed to prepare the skin for coming steps of skincare in your routine. The watery emulsion face essence is applied to the skin after cleansing the skin and before you apply the face serum.

Characteristics of the Clarifique watery emulsion face essence 

Read the characteristics of the clarifique watery emulsion face essence below:


An emulsion face essence nourishes and exfoliates your skin, minimizes the pores on your skin and provides you a smooth and radiant skin. 


If you want to add a daily exfoliation to your daily care routine for the skin, you can opt for watery emulsion face lotion essence without any barrier. 


The product contains rose essential oils and alcohol; if your skin is sensitive to alcohol, you should avoid the use of this product.


To blend the contents of water and oil, the product is packed in a glass bottle with a unique whisk and a cap with silver foil that you can peel off after extended use making it easy to keep.


The product has a very pleasant and light citrusy scent, not like an actual rose. It gives you a lotion essence that feels like lotion with essence. 


The product gets absorbed in your skin fully after a few seconds of applying it and gives your skin a hint of glow. In addition, it reduces and even does not bring tackiness to your skin. 


Due to the small amount of oil presence, the watery emulsion face essence feels like water on the face with a hint of slip. Due to the alcohol present in the product, you don’t feel hydrating after applying it.

To incorporate the Clarifique watery emulsion face essence are following into your skin routine, you need to follow these steps:

  • With the help of a cleanser or toner, you need to cleanse your skin first. 
  • After the cleansing of your face, you are instructed to shake the bottle of face essence well; you need to pour a small amount of the face essence on your hand or a cotton ball and apply them to your cheeks, forehead, chin, and neck that means all over your face after which you feel like you have applied some lotion essence on your face.
  • After applying the watery emulsion face essence, you need to massage the serum onto your skin. 
  • The last step is to apply the moisturizer to the face of your own choice. This is the last step of the skincare routine of face essence. 

Know about Clarifique waterly emulsion face essence 

The Clarifique watery emulsion is a powerful combination of ingredients like a derivative of vitamin C and niacin amide that refines and brightens the skin and gives your skin a rebalancing texture. The emulsion formula of this skin brightening consists of resurfacing extracts of wild French beech buds. The skin maintains a balance against environmental factors with the presence of rebalancing emulsion. This youth activating concentrates on brightening emulsions as it improves the radiance of your skin and gives you an even skin tone. The watery emulsion face essence is the pore-refining emulsion that decreases the appearance of discoloration of the skin, including the removal of pigmentation, and results in a more even brightened complexion. The critique watery emulsion face cream brightening the skin with ultra-fluid emulsion refined skin and provided you with a visibly whitening and fresh tone.


Whether the texture of your skin is uneven or you want to minimize that and want the skin to minimize the appearance of large pores, including boosting your skin radiance, all you need to apply to your skin is face lotion essence like Clarifique that might be missing in your skincare routine. The face essence penetrates your skin because of the presence of glycolic acid in the product. The face essence is a bi-phased formula that means a combination of glycolic and salicylic acid for the exfoliation and revitalization of your skin.

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