Workforce Software Monday Review

Are you a business owner? Is it difficult for you to manage all your staff? If yes then you need to have a look at this blog – Workforce Software Monday Review.

Today, from businesses to institutions everything had gone digital. Now, you can employ people from all over the world and run your business completely online.

Whether you have a physical business or an online business, at some point you will need to have a team to conduct all the work. Because you can not do everything alone. You need to focus on the important things and hand over the other parts of your business to your staff.

When you have employees there is a chance of failure because some people don’t give their 100% for someone else’s business or the management is just poor.

You can never take care of your business without a strong management system. But we have a solid solution to this problem. Whether you have a small business or a large-scale business, you can use Workforce Software Monday.

In this blog, we have discussed this particular software for all business owners around the world.
So if you have a business, even a micro-business you need to read this blog to the end!

What is Workforce Software Monday?

Workforce Software Monday is application software. It is one destination for all your management problems. This software is designed for business owners to smartly look after their business and take care of it.

With the help of this business management software, you can keep track of your business’s progress, your employees, and all other aspects of your business. This helps you to get the maximum output and allows you to create a productive environment for your business.

From business meetings to marketing, sales, and growth, you can track everything that you wish to. Everything is available on your screen. This is a hassle-free process and allows you to focus on the essential things.

It allows you to keep your employee’s data including all of their educational background and history. It can also be helpful to track an employee’s payroll, timing, attendance, and all the other important things.

Especially, if you have a big team of people that manage your business or you are the manager yourself you can take advantage of Workforce Software Monday services and manage all your work.

Services of Workforce Software Monday

As mentioned before, this is an all-in-one management software so you get the following major services:

• Monday Work Management
• Monday Sales CRM
• Monday Dev
• Monday Marketer
• Monday Projects

1. Monday Work Management
This is an excellent Workforce Management Monday tool. You can use it to track everything. You can track an ongoing project or a task that is needed to be done. This allows you to keep an automated workflow.

2. Monday Sales CRM
Every business is standing on its sales. So tracking sales is one of the vital points. Monday Workforce Management provides you with the Monday Sales CRM. You can track sales and keep your customer’s data. From leads to sales everything can be managed with this tool.

3. Monday Dev
This tool is specially created for designing and mapping projects. You can make a blueprint or roadmap for your project. It also helps you identify and to eliminate all kinds of bugs.

4. Monday Marketer
As the name suggests, Monday Marketer is a tool for marketing your business. You can track your marketing campaigns. It also allows you to track marketing projects to help you market your business efficiently.

5. Monday Projects
This is a project management tool. You can track and create critical projects. You can track your projects efficiently and with great ease.

Subscription Plans of Workforce Software Monday
There are many subscription plans that Workforce Software Monday offers. Let’s have a look at these price plans one by one.

1. Individual Plan
The individual plan is completely free. This is for micro-business owners. Although it has some limitations, it can be used to handle a small business. These are the features of the Individual Plan:

• Up to 3 boards
• Unlimited Docs
• 200+ templates
• 20 Column Types
• Up to 2 people on the team
• Mobile Phone apps (for both IOS and Android)

2. Basic Plan
The basic plan will cost you $8 per seat/ per month. This has more features than the individual plan. You get all the features in the individual plan. These are the other features that you get in the basic plan.

• Unlimited Viewers
• Unlimited Items
• 5 GB File Storage
• Customer Support
• Create a Dashboard with 1 board

3. Standard Plan
The standard plan provides better features and also includes some advanced features that the individual and basic don’t have. You get all the features available in the basic plan. Other than that these are the features that you get on the standard plan.

• Timeline and Grant
• Calendar view
• Guest access
• Automation
• Integrations
• Dashboard with 5 people

4. Pro Plan
Pro Plan is for bigger businesses with good revenue. So it costs more than other plans. The pro plan is $16 seat/ month. All the standard plan features are available in the pro plan. Other than that, these are the extra features of the pro plan.

• Private Boards and Docs
• Chary View
• Time tracking
• Dependency Column
• Formula Column
• Automation
• Integrations
• Dashboard with 10 Boards

5. Enterprise Plan
The enterprise plan is different than other plans on the list. This plan doesn’t have any price on the official Workforce Software Monday website. There is a contact us option given in the enterprise option.

You can use it to get the features that your enterprise needs. So this is a customizable service.
These are the features that you can get in this plan.

• Enterprise-scale Automations & Integrations
• Enterprise-grade security
• Advanced reporting + analytics
• Multi-level permissions
• Tailored onboarding
• Premium support
• Create a dashboard with 50 boards

Whether it’s a micro-business or an enterprise, every business needs to be managed well. There are many workforce management softwares available on the market but most of them don’t provide the required features.

In this blog, we have discussed Workforce Software Monday. We have also discussed the price plans of the service.

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