Best framework for business applications and why .NET is advantageous?

In the digital world where every business is thriving to reach out to a greater share of the market, web applications are a game-changer. Business applications help businesses grow globally and it is a platform where businesses can communicate effectively with no restrictions with their consumers. Therefore, business applications shall be developed that could act as database storage, process multiple transactions, associate with potential customers and perform functions that the businesses demand from time to time. Briefly, businesses can operate with ease and confidence to achieve their targets with the help of web applications. 

When acknowledging that it is essential for a business to have a web presence, choosing the appropriate web application for your business that conforms to your goals is pivotal. Every business is unique, and a generic web application might not work out for everyone. Hence, to begin with, you must know well about your business, what are the existing tools and software and what is required further to foster the growth and success of your organization. Not only that, but before selecting a web application for your business, you must also consider if it will deliver all the desired outcomes and if it will be easy to adapt and make the transition to the application by the end users. Subsequently, the web application should be flexible for customization to accommodate any changes in business processes and be capable of attracting visitors and transforming them into leads and eventually customers. Consequently, you should consider and compare different options in the market before you choose a web application and break down if it is a besuited investment. Pricing may not be the only criteria to be considered however, it is one of the most important factors when deciding on the web application for your business. Also, the web application you choose for your business today should be competent for your nearest future goals.

When there are multiple choices of web development technologies, it is quite challenging to choose the appropriate one for your business. Therefore, understanding which one can be preferred for your business by identifying the different features of some popular technologies in the market is essential. Some popular technologies used to develop web applications include Django, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Express.js, Vue.js, and among others. 

Among these, the .NET framework developed by Microsoft is a preferred choice by developers for developing responsive business applications and this framework supports more than 60 programming languages. This platform makes it possible to work on large-scale applications seamlessly. The Common Language Runtime (CLR) and Framework Class Library (FCL) of the .NET platform enables better security, memory management, and exception handling. 

A web application developed using .NET is advantageous for organizations with heavy traffic loads as it can handle multiple requests concurrently. The .NET framework provides built-in support for building scalable applications which can accommodate the growing needs of the organization. Unlike other development platforms, you don’t need additional tools to build web applications with Dot Net. The .NET framework has all the required assistance, including the server-side request handlers and the client-side support for sending and receiving SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) messages.  

According to a Stack Overflow poll in 2021, .NET is the most loved framework and is used by developers globally with a market share of 34.2%.

Best framework for business applications
Source – Developer Survey, 2021

Top 5 Reasons to Choose .NET for Your Next Business Application

In recent times, several technologies have evolved for the development of web applications. However, .NET is still preferred by developers and organizations across the globe due to its ability to build robust solutions and deliver many of the world’s most complex websites.

Here is a list of a few reasons why you should be choosing .NET technology for developing your next business application. 

  1. Better Productivity 
  2. Platform Independent
  3. Language Support
  4. Mobile Development
  5. Application Integration

Companies that use .NET

Here is how .NET Technology has made a difference to companies that started using it. 

  1. Microsoft Graph – It is a Microsoft Office 365 Unified API that provides unified access to data and intelligence and connects multiple services and devices. This API gateway used .NET technology as its cloud stack so that the services of Microsoft Graph are run at a very high scale and effectively use Azure computing resources. The organization observed improvements in CPU utilization when upgraded to .NET 6. The Graph team has asserted that every time the .NET version is updated, new runtime and algorithms reduce time and space complexity resulting in services that are fast and scalable.
  2. Bing – The Bing team decided to migrate most of their stack from C++ to the .NET framework in 2010 to achieve improvements in performance and agility. Moreover, in 2018 the team also began to migrate from XAP to .NET Core as it assured faster development turnaround. 
  3. Forza Horizon 5 – It is a racing video game with more than 10 million concurrent players. They transitioned to the .NET technology as it has much easier scalability that supported effortless management of sessions and events across various servers. The .NET framework could deliver more agility and speed to scale for millions of players while abstracting the lower layers of virtual machine management. 
  4. Azure Cosmos DB Azure Cosmos DB’s core component, API gateway was initially developed on .NET Framework. This organization constantly tries to optimize its performance as its API gateway must accept and process trillions of requests on an everyday basis. The team decided to move their API gateway to .NET Core to explore high performance, better optimizations, and scalability features to achieve low latency, and high throughput request processing end to end. The migration to .NET Core has helped the company achieve an overall lower CPU utilization and improve the end-to-end latency of core requests by up to 1500%.

Apart from these, the largest companies that use .NET are Samsung, Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, Intel, Cisco, Dell, Capgemini, Intuit, GoDaddy, and Xero.


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